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All schools in Ireland must have a school Patron & a school Board of Management. Our school Patron is the Dublin Talmud Torah (DTT). The primary function of the Patron, is to ensure that the Ethos & Enrolments of both Stratford College and Stratford National School reflect Jewish values. The DTT are also the Trustees of our joint school campus. Each school is governed by their own individual Boards of Management (BOM). Our BOM oversee the day-to-day running of Stratford National School. 


Every member of the DTT and the school BOM must be a volunteer. We are grateful for the time and energy they put in to ensuring our school is the best it can be.

The Department of Education funds approximately 70% of the day-to-day running costs of Stratford National School. The rest of our funding comes from voluntary contributions of parents and fundraising by our Student Council and Parents Association.

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