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Admissions Notice for

Special Classes for School Year 2023-24

The school will commence accepting applications for admission to the Early Intervention and Autism Classes on  

1st December 2022​ @ 12 noon


The school will cease accepting applications for admission on 

22nd December 2022 @ 12 noon

Applicants will be notified in writing of the decision on their application by 5pm on 5th January 2023

Applicants must confirm acceptance of an offer of admission by 5pm on 12th January 2023

For further information, see our school Admissions Policy here. 


Children in Ireland are generally placed in a class level with their same-aged peers.

Stratford National School is a small school of approximately 100 students spread over 4 different multigrade classrooms. 

Junior Infants & Senior Infants (ages 4-6 years) are taught together.

1st & 2nd Class (ages 6-8 years) are taught together. 

3rd & 4th Class (ages 8-10 years) are taught together.

5th & 6th Class (ages 10-12 years) are taught together.


Stratford NS will open its first Early Intervention Autism Class for pre-school aged children (3-5 years) in September 2023. It will also open its first Autism Class in September 2023. Children in the primary level Autism Class (aged 5-12 years) will integrate with their mainstream class peers throughout the week.


If you're unsure what the correct class level is for your child, take a look at this birth dates chart.


Stratford National School is a non-fee paying school. We do ask for a voluntary contribution at the beginning of each school year to help us run the school, as government funding in Ireland is not sufficient to maintain our school IT, teaching resources, cleaning supplies, art equipment, class libraries etc.


We are grateful to our sister school, Stratford College, for maintaining our beautiful shared school grounds and providing us with shared secretarial and caretaker services.

The Department of Education grant some help with book rental schemes and purchasing of textbooks each year, so we have a small number of books from our class book lists available to borrow to help keep cost of books down for individual parents.

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