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Causey Farm School Tour

Causey Farm School Tour

Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Class had a fabulous trip to Causy Farm, on Thursday 13th June.  Although the sun didn't come out for us, we made the most of it!  The children had the opportunity to see and pet a wide variety of farm animals.  After a tour of the farm, we piled into the back of a trailer and sang songs, as it transported us to the nearby bog.  Our wonderful guide Andy told us about how the bog had formed and how it was vital to the survival of Irish people for many generations, as they depended on it the turf from it to heat their homes and cook their food for many years.

The children had a great time jumping into the bog.  It was certainly messy, but a lot of fun!  

Posted on Sunday 16th June 2019 in 5th Class/6th Class

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