6th Class Graduation - Monday, 24th June, 2 - 3pm.  All families of 6th Class pupils are welcome.

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Bank of Ireland came in to 5th and 6th class to do a 'Dragons Den' style workshop with the class.  In groups, the children had to create a business, draw up a business plan, do market research and create a marketing capaign for their product.  The children created businesses selling healthy smoothies, solar powered cars, a recycled amusement park and a pet shop that was also a charity which rehibilitated abadoned pets.  They then pitched their ideas to the 'Dragons' and all receive an investment of 'Bizbucks'.

It was an extremely enjoyable workshop and thank you to Mark Ryan and Bank of Ireland for facilitating it.

Posted on Monday 24th June 2019 in 5th Class/6th Class

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