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Aistear - My Body

Aistear - My Body

For the past two weeks we have been focusing on the theme of ‘My Body’.

In history, we have talked about how our bodies grow and change. Our interests and our abilities change also. We made toy timelines to represent the toys we played with as babies, as toddlers and as pre-schoolers. We have great fun looking at the toy catalogues and reminiscing about the toys we played with as babies.

We continued with this theme in Aistear.

  • At the doctors’ surgery we have been working at the busy reception desk, updating patient records, treating patients and writing prescriptions.
  • At the writing table, we are making first aid bags and filled them with all the essential items.
  • At the construction table, students are building people using the Archimates.
  • At the small world table, students have been building hospitals, ambulance and doctors surgeries using blocks. They role played many different scenarios.

Next week, we are celebrating Science Week in the infant classroom. We have lots of fun science experiment planned.

Posted on Wednesday 07th November 2018 in Junior/Senior Infants

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