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Aistear - Autumn

Aistear - Autumn


I’m happy to announce Aistear is back up and running in the infant room! Aistear is the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework for children from birth to six years old in Ireland. It was introduced into early childhood settings and Infant classrooms in January 2012 and, as a result, is being implemented along with the Irish Primary School Curriculum.

The link below will bring you to a page containing some key information about the Aistear framework. For Junior and Senior Infant parents, the tip sheets for supporting young children’s play, mathematics, reading and writing should be most useful.


Our theme for the next two weeks is autumn. We will have four stations and students will rotate around the stations each day.

Role play Station – Student will buy and sell items at the autumn market. We have a soup and hot chocolate stall, a seasonal fruit and veg stall and a clothes stall with items to help keep us warm.

Junk Art Station – at the junk art station students will design and construct a hibernation nest for an animal of their choice. Students will use boxes, leaves, twigs and other recyclable materials. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to use their imagination and have creative control.

Construction Station– students will work together to build a woodland scene with blocks for the animals as they prepare for the winter months.

Playdoh station – students will make some autumn leaves, hedgehog, acorn etc. with playdoh.

At the end of each play session, we look at photographs I have taken on the whiteboard. The children share their creations and ideas with the class and we discuss how we could develop and extend our play for the next day. I will upload more photos over the next week to show you what we are getting up to.
Posted on Sunday 07th October 2018 in Junior/Senior Infants

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