Junior/Senior Infants

Aistear - Homes and Houses

Aistear - Homes and Houses

Our new Aistear theme is up and running this week.

Station 1 - The Home Corner - Students will role play family life, preparing meals, getting ready for school, inviting visitors over etc.

Station 2 - Jago Blocks - Students will design and build different types of homes and houses with the large wooden blocks.

Station 3 - The Dolls House

Station 4 - The Art Table - Students will design a house for a street of their choice. Last week we talked about different homes and buildings and they picked a cardboard house to decorate. Students have selected the following roads for their houses:

-Minecraft Street,

-Rainbow Street,

-Unicorn Road,

-Flower Road and

-Animal Road.

We will display the houses in ther corridor soon!

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Interactive Games for Junior Infants

Interactive Games for Junior Infants

Junior Infants have been working hard to blend CVC words (consonant vowel consonant words). They are making great progress and taking great pride in sounding out new words.

I have linked some websites with useful interactive games below if you are looking for some supplementary reading homework. Students will need support navigating these websites.




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Monday 26th March

Here is the phonics, maths and Gaeilge plan for the next fortnight (weather permitting!!)

Dates for your Diary

- MMR vaccine for junior infants – 22nd March

HSE forms for the MMR vaccine went out in your child’s school bag last week. Please return them to school as soon as possible. The HSE will be in on the Thursday 22nd March.

- The Teddy Bear Tour at The Natural History Museum – March 7th


Junior Infants - Phonics

Reading and writing CVC words with middle a, e, i, o and u words. Please see the post below for some recommend interactive games if you are looking for some supplementary homework.

Sounds j and z.

Writing letter j and z.

Junior Infants - Maths

Ordinal number - first, last, line, relay, race, next, after, before, object, place

Comparing and classifying – comparing sets with different objects (numbers 0-5)

Weight - developing an understanding of the concept of weight, comparing objects, estimating and measuring objects.

Juniors and Seniors - Gaeilge

Téama 1 - Éadaí

Foclóir: éadaí scoile, éadaí spóirt, ildaite, spotaí, stríoca, réaltaí, buachaill, cailín, ag súgradh, ag péinteáil, ina s(h)easamh, ag titim, ina c(h)odladh

Dán: Péint is scuab is páipéar!

Téama 2 - Siopadóireacht

Foclóur: mála, siopadóir, airgead, sparán, briste, cuntar, leabhar, sip, bosca lóin, cás peann luaidhe, míshásta, ag ceannach

Dán: ‘Cé Leis É?

Senior Infant - Phonics

Learning the shape and identifying words that contain the following sounds:

‘oo’ e.g. moon, spoon, roof etc.

‘ng’ e.g. sing, pin, hang, gong etc.

‘sh’ e.g. ship, shop, smash, bush etc.

‘ch’ e.g. chip, cheek, chain etc.

Senior Infants – Maths

Length - comparing and order objects according to height and length, estimating, measuring length in nonstandard units and actual measurements.

Comparing and Ordering – comparing, matching and ordering sets.

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Aistear - Journeys

Aistear - Journeys

This weeks Aistear theme is based around the theme of journeys.

The Train Station

At the home corner we have set up a train station with a ticket office, a platform and a train. Students are taking on the role of train conductors, train drivers, a ticket office managers and passengers.  

Small World Train Set

At the small world table students are building a scene with train tracks, trains and carriages, blocks, trees and figurines.

Junk Art

Back by popular demand we have the junk art table. Students have been set the challenge of building transport models.  Next week they will make different items people take with them on long journeys such as cameras etc.

My Journey to School Map

And finally at the literacy table students are drawing and writing about their journey to school. We are talking about the different landmarks we see on our way to school such as the luas, the Dodder, Supervalu, construction sites, houses, post boxes etc. 

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