Please click on the links below:

Please click on the links below:

ESL Games Plus
This is a great website for EAL pupils of all levels, with lots of games and activities aimed at improving vocabulary, spelling, and reading. Most of the games and activities tie in with the 13 themes taught to EAL pupils in Stratford.

The 'Classroom Games', 'Memory Games', 'Sentence Monkey'  and 'Pirate Board Game' sections are particularly useful (please scroll down slightly to see them).

Oxford Owls 
Once you create an account on this website (it's free) you will be able to access lots of ebooks for children from ages 3-11. Children can also hear the various books being read to them which helps with sight words, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Starfall is a useful literacy website wherein pupils can progress through four stages of learning - from ABCs to reading different types of texts. This is done through games, songs, activities and interactive stories.

ESL Kidstuff
This website features a variety of online games covering simple EAL beginner topics such as the alphabet, numbers and colours.

British Council - LearnEnglish Kids
This website has six main areas aimed at helping children to practise English in fun ways: Listen and Watch, Read and Write, Speak and Spell, Grammar and Vocabulary, Fun and Games, and Print and Make.

Childtopia Stories
This site features roughly 30 short stories. When the child selects a story, she or he can listen to it being read to them with accompanying pictures and cartoons. Words are highlighted as they are being read, which aids the improvement of pronunciation and reading skills. The children can then engage in either listening or reading comprehension activities based on the story they have just read.

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Posted on Monday 15th January 2018 in Useful EAL (English as an Additional Language) Websites

Aistear - The Cafe

Aistear - The Cafe

Below are some pictures from our Aistear stations. As always we have four stations set up for the next two weeks.

The Café – role playing at the café (setting tables, welcoming customers, making orders, taking orders, preparing food and drinks, taking bookings etc.)

Small World – designing, building and playing with a small world café.

Healthy Eating – making a healthy snack collage and a group food pyramid.

Circle Art – printing with circles.


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Posted on Tuesday 09th January 2018 in Junior/Senior Infants

Welcome Back - Jan 2018

Welcome Back - Jan 2018

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year.

The students made fantastic progress in thier first term and we are looking forward to another productive and fun term.

Below are pictures from our last Aistear theme - The Playground. We will be keeping a close eye on the progress of the new Herzog Park which is due to be ready this term.

This week we'll be starting a new Aistear theme - The Cafe. I will upload pictures of our stations during the week.

Here is the phonics, maths and gaeilge plan for the next fortnight. 

Junior Infants - Phonics

Reading and writing CVC words containing the short a, i and e sound.

Middle a words  _a_ cat, mat, cap etc.

Middle i words _i_ sit, pip, pin etc.

Middle e words _e_ pet, den, ten etc.

Sounds g and o.

Writing letter g and o

Reading and writing CVC words got, pot, dog etc.

Junior Infants - Maths

The number 4.

Time – sequencing activities, night and day, days of the week.

Juniors and Seniors - Gaeilge

Foclóir: ciseán, tralaí, im, arán, (buidéal) bainne, brioscaí, cáis, úll, airgead, siopadóir,

sparán, barra seacláide, oráiste,

Comhrá: Cad atá uait? ___, le do thoil.

Seo duit.

Go raibh maith agat.

Dán: ‘Sa Siopa’

Senior Infant - Phonics

Reading and writing consonant blend sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sw

Learning the shape of ai and identify words that contain the sound eg, rain, stain, nail, sail etc. We will be using the rhyme ‘when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking’.

Senior Infants - Maths

Ordinal numbers – first, second, third and last.

The number 9.


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Posted on Sunday 07th January 2018 in Junior/Senior Infants

Symmetrical Pets

Symmetrical Pets

We have been learning all about symmetry in Maths class. We found it to be a really interesting topic and decided to sketch 'symmetrical pets' in Art class.We loved carefully sketching our lovely little pets in great detail and giving them special names!

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We have been learning all about what plants need to grow in Science class. We learned that plants need good soil, light, water and heat to grow. We decided to devise an experiment to explore whether this is accurate. We created a control pot and then planted seeds in a pot with no soil, a pot with no light, a pot with no water and a pot with no heat. We carefully labelled all our pots. We are looking forward to investigating the results of our experiment! We also each planted some chive seeds and decorated a lovely pot for them to grow in!

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Posted on Wednesday 20th December 2017 in 3rd Class/4th Class