Aistear - The Bakery

Aistear - The Bakery

Our Aistear theme for the next two weeks will be The Bakery. We were very busy last week preparing for the theme. We made salt dough bread, cookies and doughnuts. We labelled all our ingredients. We set up shop and stocked it with tasty treats.

- The Home Corner – The Bakery. Students will take on the role of bakers, shop keepers and customers.

- The Playdoh Table – Students will be making treats for the bakery.

- The Gingerbread Table – Students will be designing a gingerbread man using 2d shapes.

- The Water and Sand Table – The emphasis will be placed on capacity at the water table.

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Posted on Monday 13th November 2017 in Junior/Senior Infants

Monday 13th November

Dates for your diary

- Bingo Evening 16th Nov

- Curriculum Evening 23rd Nov

Science Week 13th – 17th November

This week are celebrating Science Week in junior and senior infants. Each day we will be doing experiments. We will be predicting outcomes and recording the results in our science booklets. On Wednesday we will be teaming up with 5th and 6th class to design and make parachutes. Students are welcome to bring in a small figure (for example a Lego man) if they want to bring their parachute home.

Below is our phonics, maths and Gaeilge plan for the next fortnight.

Junior Infants - Phonics

- Sounds n and c

- Writing letter n and c

- Reading CVC words eg, sat, pin, tap, sit etc.


Junior Infants - Maths

- Patterns and the number 3


Juniors and Seniors - Gaeilge

- Foclóir: cófra, cuntar, cuisneoir, citeal, tóstaer, pota, doirteal, raidió, te, fuar, ag súgradh, ag scríobh, ag ní

- Comhrá: Cá bhfuil an ___?  Tá sé ar an/in aice leis an ___.

- Amhrán: Sa Chistin’

- Dán: Mo Chistin


Senior Infant - Phonics

- The _all word family – ball, wall, fall, small etc.

- ck word ending – duck, tick, rock etc.


Senior Infants - Maths

- The number 7


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Margaret from the DSPCA came into our classroom today. She talked to us about the work they do at the DSPCA. She told us stories about exotic spiders and scorpions that they care for. We talked about the different feelings an animal experiences and how we can take good care of the animals in our homes.

Then everyone got a chance to hold a giant African snail.

It was the highlight of our week!

Thank you Margaret. You were wonderful.

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The Vet/ The DSPCA Aistear Recap

The Vet/ The DSPCA Aistear Recap

We finished The Vet/ The DSPCA Aistear theme last week. Here's what we got up to...

The kids loved 'Junk Art' and created hibernation nests for hedgehogs, showers for dogs, insect catchers, dog kennels and homes for thier animal teddies.

At small world the kids made farms and zoos. We talked a lot about wild animals and tame animals.

In the home corner the kids cared for sick animals, adopted dogs and cats from the DSPCA, treated animals for broken bones, micro chipped pets, took x-rays and made appointments for new customers.

At the writing table they made posters for lost animals and hung them in the vets office. They also sorted animals into categories - animals that ibernate and animals that don't. We talked about animals that migrate for the winter.

There are more pictures below.

It was a great success. Now we are making preparations for next weeks theme - The Bakery.

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Posted on Wednesday 08th November 2017 in Junior/Senior Infants